1923-1938 ♦ Pastor W.H. Hurd
1938-1971 ♦ Pastor G.W. Bryant
1975-1989 ♦ Pastor Lee A. Davis
1990-1994 ♦ Pastor Kerwin L. Utley
1994-2000 ♦ Pastor Roderick J. Glatt
2001-2006 ♦ Pastor James K. Bailey III

Several months prior to 1923, a group of Missionary Christians from Leeville, TN came to Lebanon, TN going from house to house in the community holding prayer meetings and a song service.  Services were held in a vacant schoolhouse, for approximately two years. It was definitely decided that in the best interest of the community, a church was needed.  The present property site was purchased at the cost of $100.00, with $50.00 down payment, and $50.00 to be paid out within six months time.
            In 1923, the Second Missionary Baptist Church was born under the pastorate of the late Elder W.H. Hurd and wife, Sister Gussie Hurd. Church services were held approximately twice a month.  Elder Hurd is responsible for the first construction of Second Missionary Baptist Church. He labored willingly with contractors, cutting down timber on his farm, and carrying it to the mill, in order to have enough material to complete construction. Pastor Hurd served faithfully until his death in 1938.
            After the dealth of Elder W.H. Hurd, in 1938, Elder G.W. Bryant, was was the assistant pastor, was elected to be permanent pastor. During this time, numerous other ministers served under his pastorate.  They were Elder Cartwright, Elder Roy Steverson, and Elder Myers.  Elder Bryant served faithfully as a pastor with a unique and royal priesthood, he was a great pastor, evangelist, and educator and comes from a long line of Godly forebearers.
            Under his pastorate, new construction began in order to renovate the present sanctuary. The auditorium and choir stand were enlarged from the small one room structure.  A combined kitchen and dining room, which served as Sunday School classrooms were added. This structure was also partially bricked at this time.  In 1971, under his pastorate, the dining area was paneled and a baptismal pool installed.
            After giving Second Missionary Baptist Church 38 years of faithful service, Pastor G.W. Bryant resigned, in May of 1975. Reverend Lee A. Davis was then elected to be our pastor.
            In May 1975, Reverend Lee A. Davis accepted the pastorate of Second Missionary Baptist Church.  Reverend Davis was a man of vision, a great spiritual leader, educator, and gifted speaker.
            Seeing a need to strengthen the church educationally, numerous organizations were started under Reverend Davis.  Worship services were held each Sunday and Wednesday night, Bible Study and Prayer Meeting services were started.  Second Missionary Baptist Church became involved in community outreach with its contributions to the Wilson County Food Bank and distribution of food baskets to the needy.
            The church was remodeled which included the addition of central heat and air conditioning, the carpeting of the sanctuary, and cushioning of the pews.  The bricking of the church was completed and a walkway laid.  Second Missionary Baptist Church purchased a building to serve as a fellowship hall and received the deed December, 6, 1986.  The first church van was purchased under the leadership of Reverend Davis.  Future plans for a parking lot was implemented under Reverend Davis.  Pastor Davis resigned after serving Second Missionary Baptist Church for 14½ years.
            We were without a spiritual leader for 5½ months; this was the first time in the history of the church that we were without a spiritual leader.  The church family went into prayer for the Lord to send us a shepherd.
            In April 1990, the Lord smiled on Second Missionary Baptist Church and sent us Elder Kerwin L. Utley.
            Second Missionary Baptist Church continued to grow spiritually under the leadership of Elder Utley.  An advanced Bible Study and Prayer Meeting was held each Tuesday night. The Sunday School curriculum was restructured and a formal teaching program implemented.  The Women’s Missionary Society was organized. Recognizing the need for the church to be unified, Elder Utley and the deacons began to develop by-laws and a constitution for the church.
            The church again underwent major structural upgrading and remodeling.  The pastor’s study was refurnished and carpeted.  This major remodeling project was completed in September 1993, with the addition of a formal dining area and a modern kitchen.  The church was debt free following these renovations.  A fifteen-passenger van was purchased under the leadership of Elder Utley.  As part of the celebration for the church’s 70th Anniversary, Second Missionary Baptist Church held its first church banquet in September.
            Elder Utley’s vision for the church was outlined by II Peter 3:18, that Second Missionary Baptist Church would “grow in grace, and in knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” and that through his ministry of Christian education the congregation would come to a fuller understanding of who God is and what our responsibilities as a Christians are to God our Father, mankind our brother and individually as the children of God.
            Pastor Utley resigned in June of 1994, after serving Second Missionary Baptist Church for 4 years.
            In June 1994, Reverend Harry G. Alexander became interim pastor through September 1994.
            God being the wonderful Savior that He is did not let Second Missionary Baptist Church go without spiritual guidance for too long. In September 1994, Second Missionary Baptist Church was blessed with a shepherd, a wonderful gospel preacher, very motivating and inspiring who teaches “All On One Accord”, our pastor, Elder Roderick J. Glatt.
            Since its beginning in 1923, Second Missionary Baptist Church has been blessed with God-loving, God-fearing, educated, spiritually minded leaders.  Five men called of God, each with his own God-given vision and ministry for this church, and all with one common goal, which is to fulfill the assignment given by Jesus in the Great Commission that the lost might by evangelized, and the saved edified.
            On September 13, 1994, the continuation of the history of Second Missionary Baptist Church began under the pastorate of Elder Roderick J. Glatt.  Our church in one year has grown, by the Grace of God, structurally, professionally, and most of all spiritually.  God has been pleased to use Pastor Glatt by his preaching and teaching.
            First, structural growth has been realized at and by our church.  The church’s exterior has received a face lift: new roofing, new siding, new gutters, a new kitchen door and window, new exterior sign board, new mailbox and masonry work on the front of the church building.  The church’s interior has also been improved: pulpit platform railing, organ platform railing, choir railing, enhancement to church choir pews, and a new Tithe box.
            Next, professional growth has been added to our church.  The church has purchased a new computer, new copier, new fax machine, a new piano and a new church van.  With the exception of our church piano and new church van, all other materials mentioned have been bought and paid for.  Also, under Pastor Glatt new plans were developed to build a new worship center and children recreation area.  All of these achievements come as a result of the visions for our church by our pastor.
            Though the church has grown structurally and professionally, it has also grown spiritually. Pastor Glatt is the only pastor to have baptized five candidates, on the same day, from our baptismal pool.  Now our candidates go to the baptismal water in white robes.  The pastor enjoys seeing candidates dressed in these robes as it represents in his mind and hopefully to the witnesses, purity that all saints of God shall receive, by the Hand of God, on that great getting up morning, all of the saints of God shall be submitted before the Master without a spot or blemish.
            Pastor Glatt started and maintained our Christian tape ministry.  Active members ordered these tapes; following service and a donation was received for them. More importantly, this tape ministry seeks to minister to sick and shut-in members who have been unable to participate in the worship service.  A tape was given to them.
            Through his stewardship teachings, Pastor Glatt shows us what the Bible says about financially supporting the church. Tithes and Offerings is what he believes and teaches.  As a result of his teachings, our church presently has sixty-seven tithers.  This achievement is notably the first in the history of Second Missionary Baptist Church.
            Sunday School has experienced growth.  Our church Sunday School department is equipped with an assistant teacher for each class.  This certainly enhances our Sunday School ministry.  Sunday School teachers meetings were resumed under Pastor Glatt.  The superintendent, pastor and teachers meet virtually once each week.
            Also, Pastor Glatt has instituted the prayer band. Prayer was brought into each home of any member, especially those members who were sick, upon request. Hymns were sung, prayers were spoken, and a love offering given to our sick and shut-in members.
            To further enhance the governance of our church business, Pastor Glatt implemented, upon the church’s vote, the “Executive Board”. This board is comprised of church Deacons, Trustees, Treasurer, Clerk, Sunday School Superintendent, and all Auxiliary Leaders.
            After six years of faithful service and hard work to keep Second Missionary Baptist Church on one accord, Pastor Glatt took Second Missionary Baptist Church to a new plateau.  Pastor Glatt saw that his work had been completed and God moved him into a new ministry with the Tennessee Baptist Convention.  He offered his resignation in April of 2000 and retired as pastor a month later.  Second Missionary Baptist Church was once again without a leader.  The church went into prayer and decided that there was a need for an interim pastor until God sent us a new shepherd.  Therefore, the faithful members voted to allow Revered Alvis Thurman to be our interim pastor.  After a year had gone by, we felt that God has answered our prayers and seen our tears.
            On the second Sunday in May 2001, God sent Reverend James K. Bailey, III to the congregation, as a young and firm Pastor, with a vision of going from “Where you are to where God wants us to be”. Since becoming pastor of Second Missionary Baptist Church and under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Bailey has brought new birth to the congregation, both spiritually and administratively.  Within Pastor Bailey’s first ten months as pastor, the congregation rapidly grew with not just new members, but members who have rededicated their lives to Christ. The music department has been rejuvenated with youthful and energetic musicians.
            Pastor Bailey, with a strong sense of community service was awarded the key to the City of Lebanon, TN by Mayor Don Fox. Pastor Bailey also received a Proclamation from the TN House of Representatives.  The church underwent a major renovation and reconstruction project by totally redesigning the facility to what is a modern, state of the art elegant edifice.
            Pastor Bailey resigned in December 2006 after serving Second Missionary Baptist Church for 5 years and 7 months.
            During the interim period from January 2007 to April 2007, Reverend C.L. Haynie enriched our lives with the “Spoken Word”.  In May 2007, Pastor Haynie was elected as the leader of Second Missionary Baptist Church and our history continues in celebration.  This is the next chapter in the life and legacy of our church.  The Lord has been kind to us in giving us this Gift, to worship in spirit and in the truth.  Since the time Pastor Haynie came to us, lives have been enriched, minds enlightened, our hearts have been changed and our spirits have been uplifted from the teaching and preaching of the Word of God.
2007- Present ♦ Pastor C.L. Haynie